we are called as kings and priests!  Revelation 1:6… So we Must! reign— IN LIFE through the one man JESUS Christ. Romans 5:17

we are not to Go into all the world to make converts… who continue to backslide… but to Make disciple’s… 

(Make-disciple, instruct, teach. From mathetes; intransitively, to become a pupil; transitively, to disciple, i.e. Enrol as scholar — be disciple, instruct, teach.)which means disciplined one’s that are baptized by FIRE… 
firebrands for God… a living witness of the Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST… ON FIRE… ON FIRE…

HEARTS that burn with His compassion… His LOVE… His Love of TRUTH… Holiness… Righteousness…
WE are NOT a people who are scratching by… living OFF the crumbs that fall from the Kings table… Folks, im a burning one… no wind can put out what my Father placed in me… im planted in a desert and Father promises HE will make rivers in the desert… my Father does what He sets His Hand Too! Isaiah 41:18-20
as it is written; i am to reign as a king here on earth folks! and i do! peace beyond understanding because i sit with the burning One… whose eyes are on FIRE for His children… in Love.
as it is written
MUCH more will those who receive the ABUNDANCE of grace and the FREE gift of righteousness —reign— IN LIFE through the one man JESUS Christ. Romans 5:17
Apostles are as “bold” as a lion! knowing they are sent from God… in Acts… 4:13… 9:27; 14;3, 18:26 and 19:8
Boldness is absolutely necessary to overcome deep rooted systems… i ran into this in my tour of duty as an army ranger in the military in the secular world… deep rooted systems… that are no longer effective.
i come to my Father into the Holy of Holies… the throne Room for Mercy and Grace. i come boldly and low in meekness but in confidence.
this boldness comes from the knowing who i am in Christ and His completed work… and what my purpose is. a man with direction, purpose and passion… Living from destiny and Not circumstances… these men and women will have boldness.
through the book of Acts this boldness is mentioned from the root word parrhesia meaning outspokenness, frankness, bluntness, assurance and confidence.
this boldness is so needed because… demons use intimidation as well as religious systems to prevent the Move of Gods Spirit.
satan does not care that people go to the church building and gather as long as there are no baptisms of the Holy Spirit, miracles, signs or wonders. as long as the Kingdom is not advanced… the sick come and go and folks get weary and faint hearted… because there is NO FIRE of God…

satan does not care how big a church grows. satan actually encourages church growth were there is a form of godliness and zero power of His Spirit.
the spirit of this world does not like witnessing or testimony… this openly declares the Goodness of God our Heavenly Father. and let’s never mention casting devils out! in the bible that is the One true Mark! the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived because we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.
many are attacked with fear and sickness which causes timidness and a deep desire to turn inward and private. shame and guilt can begin to plague the congregation.
leaders must stand for healing… sickness and bondage is NOT the promises of God and do not line up with scripture… they SHALL LAY hands and they SHALL RECOVER PERIOD!
we are to be a Church Body of Christ… THERE is NOTHING but LIFE in HIS BODY… we are to be set completely free… FOR my bible clearly states… WHO the Son sets free is free INDEED… this is our inheritance… to be in PEACE beyond understanding.
you are a king-priest with a GOD given inheritance… NOW STAND!
Seek your God given RIGHTS and command the devil to leave you… your house and your family forever!!!
Read Luke 10:19! you my friend if truly the Spirit of God dwells in your heart… HAVE ALL power over the devil and his demons!
Now kick him out of your life… and call upon the King! Jesus Christ! For those who call upon the Lord shall be delivered! Joel 2:32 and Romans 10:13
And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by accompanying signs.

2 thoughts on “we are called as kings and priests!  Revelation 1:6… So we Must! reign— IN LIFE through the one man JESUS Christ. Romans 5:17

  1. The Lord gave me a word just before Christmas about the sons of God. I just read what you had put out and was amazed at the confirmation. God has confirmed it about 7 times since than. Here that word is:

    “The past and the future now converge at the crossroads. That which has been spoken will now come to pass. For now is the time of My outpouring when the fire of God will fall, there will be awe, shock, and wonder at what I am doing. Know that you have been prepared for this day of the manifest sons of God. Know that the enemy has tried to hinder and stop what I am about to do, but he cannot stop it, nothing can. For the birthing of the manifest sons of God will now come forth in glorious fire that will change this city and the nation around it. For now is the time, do not get discouraged for I am with you in the fight. Be ready, be prepared!”

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