Truth! i know so many who say they are saved, but no power or fruit. that concerns me. i love people folks! i also wish that NONE should perish. but Jesus said you WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT. paul said he came not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of POWER:
That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
who is speaking into your life. are they a life coach? or do they have LIFE in them. if Jesus is in them you will KNOW. they will be ambassadors of Christ. representatives of heaven with the Keys to the Kingdom. do Not settle for less than Fathers promises! for Father’s promises are Yes and Amen.
the gospel is the POWER unto salvation. Romans 1:16
i’m not interested in warm and fuzzy feelings. 
the gospel is not to uplift you emotionally to then send you home and just be deflated by the next tragedy.
SPIRIT filled, Jesus empowered people of God count it All joy going through trials and tribulations because i live, move and have my being in Christ. In His Presence is the fullness of JOY! 
we need NO more motivational speakers. we need men on Fire demonstrating the Power of God. people then going home healed, delivered from addictions and full of the Holy Ghost.
Only and Only by His Spirit do we overcome by the blood of the Lamb.
WE must have Jesus’ blood sprinkled upon our soul. Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Salvation is a supernatural miracle. you will know you’re saved friend.
Only by His Power of His Spirit do we have a Testimony. We must pass through the trials and Testings by the Power of His Spirit! To place this flesh in subjection takes the Power of God, His Spirit.
TO FUNCTION WE MUST HAVE THE UNCTION!!! my God is AWESOME! Worthy! of All our heart, mind and soul!
Jesus that is within us is greater than the devil in the world. i’m Not greater, but HE that is in me is! i can’t defeat satan because Jesus already did, but i must have Him. a relationship with Jesus. Operating in the Power of His Spirit.
Call upon Him wherever you are at and don’t stop until the miracle happens. When God fills the room you Will Know!
Read Romans 10. Repent and ask for forgiveness for your sins today. tell Jesus you accept Him as your Saviour. Tell Jesus you give yourself as a living sacrifice to Him Romans 12. call upon the Name of Jesus asking for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
i did this for 11.5 months until the miracle happen. by myself and alone. i called upon Jesus everyday! He came and Today i’m in absolute total Love with Him.
i’m moving in His Power. Supernatural Power and authority over the devil who tries to come to kill faith, steal your inheritance and attempts to destroy the destiny your Father has already predestined you for.
Father God has so much more for you. GO after Him today! Never stop pursuing Him until your last breath and even Then… DECLARE “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!”
Jesus is my All in All.

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