Without spot or Wrinkle


Please hear what the Holy Spirit is saying through me. wow, i feel this inside of me so powerful. tears.

The pattern is Not to just talk about the scriptures. To pick through the Holy Scriptures to obtain knowledge and wisdom.

The Word is a Person. Wisdom is a Spirit. Revelation is a Spirit. All scripture leads to One Person. Christ. These scriptures tell an amazing Love story, a Testimony of a Love Re-Union. A restoration of something stolen from Yahweh in Paradise. This is Good News.

It is critical for leaders, born-again sanctuaries of Yahweh to teach how they came to Know eternal life which is to know Yahweh and Christ Jesus. John 17:3.

That knowing is a very intimate Word, “YADA” is the Hebrew Word, such as Mary said “How shall this be, seeing I KNOW not a man?” and this is very personal and Not theological. Although I like to study scripture, I much rather study my Jesus.

My goal is not knowledge, but to fall more in Love with Christ daily. Hence, why scripture says the Love of Christ surpasses knowledge. My relationship with Christ is one of marriage throughout eternity. I am engaged daily, betrothed to Jesus and one day that marriage will be a reality when I get caught up in His Heart in Heaven.

Love is a Person. Yahweh is Love and this Great Love will eternally be expressed through Christ Jesus. The wedding feast is what I so look forward to.

Now it came about on the third day that Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the King’s palace in front of the King’s rooms, and the King was sitting on His royal throne in the throne room, opposite the entrance to the palace. When the King saw Esther the queen standing in the court, she obtained favor in His sight; ~ Esther 5

Without spot or wrinkle.


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