First seek the Kingdom

I’ve heard many preach against those who fail to attend their Church meetings. Thinking you’re deceived. Be wise in your thinking. Judge righteousness. I also have thought this way. My advice is do what feeds you, do what brings you Joy in the Lord. Do what fills your lamp with Oil. Do not depend upon busyness to fill your life. Do not quench and grieve the Holy Spirit.

The mark for those walking as citizens of Heaven is the Holy Spirit. His Presence walking with us and if that is absent than i would have to say, your off the Ancient path. You’re not walking with Yahweh, you’re walking with man and his ways.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t settle upon anyone that’s in rebellion. Church attendance is not how one walks with the Glory. Intimacy is our source of Love, Power and Sound mind.

What Father has placed in the people that are called to be agents of change will not cause them to be molded into how the current model functions.

Many may see a lack of attendance as rebellion or backslidden, but His Presence is our Holy Calling. Tending to the Ancient Fire that fills our every desire. The taste and see becomes addicting. Jesus is my greatest addiction.

Do not forsake the assembly many may say, but His Presence says where 2 or 3 are gathered I shall be in the midst. Face to Face mentoring and removing a platform for what we call leadership today. The soap boxes are going to be dismantled. Leadership will evolve in this New Era. Watch and See.

All paths are not the same. All callings are not equal. All functions within the body do not look alike.

Repairing the breach requires someone who has walked without the support of people for many years. A building upon precept upon precept, fine tuning the senses. It requires someone to walk in the room alone, but remain confident he’s done the right thing when no one has been looking. Being guided by something deep inside themselves. Not leaning upon their own understanding and learning that they must master the art of listening to that still small voice that grows louder and louder through a wilderness full of opinions and culture.

Closing our eyes and crying out to our Father and saying Help me not be deceived and be confident that we have fully given ourselves as a living sacrifice. Placing every thought captive into the obedience of our Love, King Jesus. Submitting our desires to the Holy Spirit, Resisting the norms and what looks like current trends of the day. Rejecting traditions passed down by honourable people that no longer fit in the faith to faith movement or Glory to Glory mandates placed upon a generation called to blaze a path for a New Era and end this age we are Now standing in.

The Holy scriptures are clear. This generation is greater than John the Baptist mantle. For he is the least of those called to the Kingdom Age. This Kingdom Age was given in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was clear that the Kingdom was at Hand, Now. John the Baptist only got a taste but didn’t get to see, just like the long list of Faith generals listed in Hebrews 11. We are a generation that shall inherit the promises, they had to wait and see. I’ve tasted and I’ve seen and I can not fit into any form of routine maintenance.

A life that’s totally dependent upon His Spirit and by His Spirit. The Spirit of Truth and Holiness must operate in our lives today.

I hear the same question reverberating through time “What is Truth”. The answer has never changed, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

There is a tug upon my heart that refuses to accept anything less than the manifested Presence of the Lover of my soul. A tug of war. Two worlds are pulling at me and I fight to focus upon the unseen world within me and surrounding me.

I’ve walked into the room and all becomes silent, not because of me, but because the one standing beside me. I refuse to settle for less than what the King died for. I refuse to allow myself to walk into compromise. I’m willing to risk it all, I’m all in, but only because i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… The battle is to abide and remain in His Presence. This is who i am, a son of the Living God, the One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Bryan J Burt.

Here am i Lord, send me.

Jesus is Lord of my life and i forever intend it to remain this Way.

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