So i have to say Crystal and i are a little taken back… Crystal felt a little convicted by the Holy Spirit for the kids just playing in the rooms while the parents worshipped Jesus. we asked Emma our daughter who was filled with the Holy Spirit here in the House at the age of 14 to run the kidz church for us. not really expecting much? Right? Wrong! Jesus showed up big Time!!! Out of the mouth of babes right!
after two sessions of BIP kidz church we have had 3 kids baptized in the Holy Spirit… most all the kids are now filled with the same Holy Ghost we all have… a few were filled during worship with the adults…
Why do we not ask kids if they want the baptism at a young age… maybe some churches do?
Last night during worship we had a mom ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit… two kids asked during that… they said simply: “can I get the baptism too?” wow… and they both were touched.
These pictures blow me away… very unexpected… the older girls were taking the photos and i truly believe they are taken back by all the children being touched by the Holy Spirit and worshipping our Great God…
All Glory to God… thank You Jesus…
Precious times

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