in The power of an endless Life

Who is made, not after the law of a carnal commandment, but after the 
–power of an endless life–
here is the power of Truth. the most powerful statement in Hebrews. our New Testament Joshua. “the More abundant Life” from John 10:10
i ve been told… O Bryan as you mature in Christ you don’t feel Him as much… Jesus swaddles you when your a babe…
that’s not true… maturity within intimacy and relationship brings me closer… from glory to glory… Kobad is the weightiness of His presence.
the new wine skin will be able to minister within the Glory coming.
it is the Life of Jesus living in us transforming our inside into His divine character…
sitting with the Master day and night… learning from Him… Jesus opening up the scriptures as i break bread with Him… causing my HEART to burn in passion for Him…. His Life within me! stirring me as an Eagle stirs her nest… waving His Fan upon me… His Brightness shining from Him… His beams of Glory shining upon me… overcoming me with Him. Taste His goodness makes my desire for Him Soar into the High places… 
we need to understand ALL that our High Priest does for us in Heaven… us in Him… in Christ… abiding in Him… ( Col 1:13, Eph 2:6) absolute total dependence upon Him…
having our Life in Him… His resurrected Life taking authority and dominion here upon earth.
Jesus gave us Himself as our inheritance.
Jesus was crucified in weakness but raised in the Power of God! Jesus won the power through weakness, sacrifice, complete loss of this life pouring out His life to death…
knowing Him is eternal Life… in the Power of the Eternal Life! Gal 2:20… we must enter in… fellowship of His death and then walk in deep humility and meekness and TOTAL dependence upon our Father God… in the path in which He walked to reach the throne of Mercy and Grace.

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