Where we are entering the New Era!

Reforming and Renewing of the Wineskin.

Matthew 9:17

And who would pour fresh, new wine into an old wineskin? Eventually the wine will ferment and make the wineskin burst, losing everything—the wine is spilled and the wineskin ruined. Instead, new wine is always poured into a new wineskin so that both are preserved.”

The Lord spoke to me in prayer a few months ago and said “I’ve poured you out as a drink offering”. I perceive He was speaking of the season many of us are in now.

Reforming in the Reformation.

Once a wineskin has been emptied of all the old wine, it begins to dry and harden into the form it was shaped in.

The wineskin needs to be submerged in water for a period of time. Then, it has oiled poured onto it and the oil is massaged into the leather to renew it, reform it and make it pliable again. I believe that God follows a similar process when renewing our ‘wineskin’ as the Church. As the Body of Christ.

Once all the wine of the last season has been poured out, we enter into a season of transition. And a stretching for the new. We are entering the process of renewal. And the first thing to do in a transition is accept that God is wanting to bring change. Choosing to let go of the old is the first step and this is difficult for some. It’s to change the way we think of ministry and in many ways, How God intends to work through His people.

For this transformation we need to be submerged in the water of the Word. We need to really soak ourselves afresh in the Word of God. Father made S.O.A.K.I.N.G. an acronym for me.

S- Spirit (Oil)

O- Operation upon our mindset and our ways

A- Arising, Ascension becoming seated in REST

K- King, Kingdom

I- Intercession, Fervent prayer birthed from intimacy

N- Nobility, Character

G- Giving, to the world your Gift

Soaking includes studying out scripture on a new level and also being with the Word in the secret place, that is Jesus. Spending quality undistracted time with our First love is critical in this hour. Prophetic revelatory teaching will begin to fill this New Wineskin.

The aim is to get a fresh revelation of Jesus in your spirit, soul and from our heart into our mind, ultimately changing our mindsets for the New Era.

The purpose is deeper intimacy.

As you soak in His Presence, Jesus will pour oil over you.
Re-shaping and re-framing you with His Voice, His Word.
The Kingdom is all about the Kings Presence infiltrating the world through His people.

This New Era is all about Home invasion. You are the Church and Jesus’ is all about His family. He and the Father want to manifest His Power in your Home and in your daily lives. Because of His abiding presence in our families a fresh anointing will be released over the Body.

A generation will come together to form this New Wineskin. A unity within the Body of Christ will be formed.

A new awareness of His presence, fresh revelation and understanding of what He is doing in and through you will bring upon you a new fresh boldness to face the growing darkness in the world we live in.

Holy Spirit spoke this to me. “Light shapes the shadow”

We are called to shape culture and family, not the Anti-Christ.

Soon after this pouring out of oil, the Father will begin to massage the oil into you, As He does this, He gently begins to stretch you into a new form. Kinda a state of formlessness to reform you.

In the midst of your excitement and renewed passion for Him and His Kingdom, He begins to speak to you and challenge you in your thinking. He challenges you to step out and do some of the things you have been reading about in His Word or dreaming about. The process you have been in has been about getting you to this new place. It is now that you are in a position to be able to accept the reformation into a new wineskin. And remember ‘new’ means new – something that has not been here before, something the world has not seen.

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