A Season of Awe

i sense strongly the Father’s Heart… for several days i have wanted to say this, but i truly needed to prove this. 

The Lord is wanting us to discern the season we are in. Accelerated times are happening in the Spirit. Suddenlies are going to happen.  
A re-definition is coming. A refining. Truly sanctified sons that do Not compromise Gods Holy Word. 

Many have grown very intellectual and comfortable in their position. But God is no respecter of persons. Time in ministry and service does not give rank and I say this because even in the secular world I experienced this… this mentality destroys progress in leader’s and business.
When Father touches a man… He clearly states to Honor all men. God speaks through those who listen and obey.
There are young people coming up in this generation that will move in the Spirit like Never before. Eye’s will be in awe. September is the Atonement “the time for Covering”… these burning One’s for Gods love will begin to blossom and manifest after Sept 30. They will be covered by His Fire. “Coat’s of FIRE”, Garmented in His Consuming Fire.
“There are many voices saying this will pass” and many are Not taking Father’s prophet’s serious. Study this verse.
Ecclesiastes 4
13 Better is a poor and wise youth than an old and foolish king who no longer knows how to receive counsel (friendly reproof and warning)—
14 Even though [the youth] comes out of prison to reign, while the other, born a king, becomes needy.
A sense of entitlement is upon many who have served… as a veteran I never look down upon a man or woman who hasn’t defended this Nation. We all supply to the Body of Christ. we are ordained by God and Not man.  
Watchmen are called to send a signal… I hear the scoffer’s… in Jesus name please call out in this season. Do not remain complacent.

~ A time of re-dedication and purifying.

~ A time of light, illumination and revelation.

~ A time of victory against great odds.

~ A time of innovative and creative strategies.

~ A time to begin again and start anew.

~ A time of miracles, declaring “Nes Gadol Haya Sham” meaning:

“A Great miracle Happened There” (Psalm 136:1-6)

~ A time of miraculous supply.

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